28 September 2011

Johnny Depp Disguise Kit

After a careful series of tests, the world is ready for the super-secret Johnny Depp disguise kit.

Here is a picture of present-day Johnny Depp to establish a baseline:

Below, a young Johnny Depp to establish utility in disguising other Johnny Depps:

Still good. Now let's go nuts.

Johnny Deppley, Johnny Depp's co-star from the Pirates movies.

Popular actress Johnny Deppschanel.

The rare Johnny Deppberry.

Johnny Depper.

Johnny Deppen Forty Seven.

Dooney & Depp

I believe I have proved, within reasonable doubt, that this is a foolproof disguise for turning any person or item into Johnny Depp.

300 ppi .png file on transparent background for use in Depping.
Now go forth and Depp!

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