16 October 2012

Skinny Cow

I've never really been sure how to write this post, which would be why it has sat empty, in my drafts, for nearly a year.

I've decided a direct approach is best.

Skinny, the cow from Skinny Cow, is hot.


She's a stone cold fox, whether perched coyly on an ottoman or lounging poolside.

And she's not above sharing some saucy Polaroids, either.

She keeps that measuring tape strategically positioned though, right? Or... I dunno. Skinny seems to possess only the female form and - for better or for worse - no anatomy that would require any unpleasant compromises.

Actually the more I look at these pictures the more I can imagine the mind of Skinny's illustrator; their brainstorming checklist:

Coffee stains and everything!
How well did they do?

No resemblance!

More importantly (most importantly,) could I have done better?

Part of what kept me from writing this post was that I kept thinking I was going to redraw Skinny, but chestier. That now seems like it's territory better left undiscovered. I find solace in the fact that if I had a client ask me for a "sexy, fit cow-lady" I could do no better than Skinny.

Although if we're talking about non-human food mascot relations, I think you could do better than Skinny.

I'd go with 50's era Chicken of the Sea Mermaid.

Hell yes. And that sailor would too.

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