31 August 2011


The more costume-minded of you out there are already five months in to your build of Songbird from the yet to be released Bioshock Infinite.

The other half of the world has really been eyeing that Austin Powers costume from the pop-up Halloween store and may finally pull the trigger this year. It will be more timely than ever.


That leaves the rest of us (the third half, if you're counting) stuck at home feverishly conjuring up costume ideas. The costume must impossibly satisfy the following categories:
  • It must be a totally unique concept that no human, prior to this Halloween, has conceived.
    • If it is a costume of a thing that exists, it must be a daring re-imagining or a Hollywood quality replica.
  • No detail can be spared and the end result will be a pitch-perfect recreation of the idea in your head.
  • You must be able to execute it without the proper tools or knowledge.
  • It will be done with limited time and as cheaply as possible, because you like to cut corners.
I'm currently straddling two or more bullets as I try to figure out my costume this year.

Like this, but without the slapstick.

Actually, pulling off a good costume will involve shattering every one of those criteria. You'll spend more than you were planning and you'll have to compromise (compromise!) on details that you just can't work out. Your ambitions will outstrip your skills -- this time -- and your limited skillset will push you up against the time-wall faster than you anticipated. You won't be this guy.

That's okay, though. Pursuit of the ultimate costume is okay. To expect to attain the perfect costume, year after year, is folly.

I have to tell myself all of this as I pursue this year's ultimate costume.

Pics to follow?

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