21 October 2011


They say to keep a notebook by your bed so when you think of something great in the middle of the night you can write it down and not forget it.

People also recommend this for remember dreams and subsequently enhancing your ability to recall further dreams.

I have a notebook next to my bed.

I used it once to write down this really great idea that was keeping me up. When I revisited it to flesh it out I realized it sucked. Actually that's happened twice that I can remember.

It may have happened more times than that but I haven't kept track of good ideas that actually sucked in the notebook I bought for that purpose. It's a bad habit.

Then the other night I had a really good idea for a post. It involved an extended metaphor wherein I drew a parallel between Dr. Doom and someone else. It was going to be great.

I forgot it. Because I didn't write it down.

So in the absence of a funny, substantial post filled with misdirection and simile please imagine something clever involving Dr. Doom.


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