19 October 2011

Free Band Names (Take One)

Being clever is a lot of fun.

I don't know how it feels but I know that a lot of other clever people have spent many an hour on a couch with other people trying to come up with a killer name for a band.

Also sometimes they just pick a word from a dictionary (REM, Outkast, Incubus &c.). That's lazy but it seems to work for those guys.

I have found that not being in a band is no barrier to entry for naming bands. In fact, being freed from the creative input of other people gives you an opportunity to just say whatever you want and declare that it could be a name for a band. Even if time died and no one named their band "Disintegrating in Centigrade", then that just means no one got around to it. It was still a viable option.

In the spirit of volunteer work and helping one's fellow man I've decided to donate a magically ever-growing list of killer band names.

I'll update it every time I hear, think or see something bitchin' and say "That would make a great name for a band".


I just did like ten off the top of my head so this list may quickly become bloated and awesome.

If you have a killer name for a band, and are not using it for whatever reason, let me know and I'll happily add it to my list and credit you and your very clever naming skills.

Post Script:

"Bloated and Awesome" is only an OK name for a band.

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