01 August 2011

Zombies, Amirite?

Zombies seem to be popular these days.

Here's the thing: popularity is relative. Queens of the Stone Age might be more popular than Electric Wizard, but they're probably both eclipsed by...

We'll say Ke$ha.

If I dig around on Billboard's charts I can find some data to support this. 

Where are the Billboard charts for concepts? I'm not aware of any way to find out how well all things "Zombie" are doing sales-wise so I would imagine the second best way to figure out how much of people's time is spent looking for zombies would be internet searches. Can I just use Google Trends? Google seems to be the most popular search engine, so I'm going to assume that if Google says people are looking for it; it's popular.

Enter Google Trends

Google is kind enough to provide us with a tool that charts search result volume for a given set of terms. Are people interested in zombies?

Actually, searches for zombies have increased roughly four times
in the last three years and are lurching upward.

So zombies are more popular than ever - but only compared to themselves. Let's compare zombies (blue line) to another popular Internet thing:

(The red line is porn.)

It's clear that while zombies are on the rise, they're being drowned (150 times over) by a pornographic tsunami. I'm okay with anything that keeps the tide of undead at bay.

As an aside; should those lines ever cross, Cannibal Corpse album covers will rain unceasingly from the sky.

Incredibly, it's worse uncensored.

Bonus Chart!

I tried running searches for "Ke$ha" first. Then I searched for "Kesha". I guess I thought the dollar sign was her... thing? I am not as savvy as I thought:

While they're both trending downwards, Kesha with an "s" is by far the more popular search term (red line).

Also note that if this trend continues, searches for "Kesha" may hit zero by mid 2012.

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