31 December 2012

Awesome Lifehack!

Never be late to work again by using this one easy hack:

  • Leave for work in the pre-dawn hours of New Year's Eve.
Traffic will be almost non-existent and you can pretty much guarantee to cut your commute in half. Use the extra time you save in the morning to work on some side projects and wow your boss.

The drawback is that this can only be done once a year and you'll have to fit 2,000 hours of work into one day, so be sure to bring a well-constructed to-do list with you. If your job involves providing periodic updates - like issuing quarterly financial statements - be prepared for a healthy amount of educated guessing and outright fabrication. 

Also take time to schedule your calendar until next December 31st. You won't be able to attend any meetings so make sure you're booked solid.

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